Workshop to address rehabilitation of sex workers

Jaipur : In a workshop held in Jaipur organized by Shiv Charan Mathur Social Policy Research Institute  mostly the concerns for the sex-workers expressed. Most sex-workers in the country have been living in pathetic life conditions and they need to be rescued. we should act upon to stop the forceful acts of human-trafficking which mainly pushes women into prostitution.
There is no question of legalizing prostitution in India because if sex would be legalized then there would be a sharp increase in human-trafficking. Our culture does not permit us to produce prostitutes and trading centers (brothels ) for them. We have come from a great Hindu culture, we have been taught to protect the sanctity of women. 
Though there are various NGOs working in this direction to stop forceful prostitution, this is our duty to safeguard women, report incidents, fight against crime and protect the great heritage of the country.
By Dipti Prasad


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