Worried to see my husbandís sexting messages to unknown numbers

 We are married recently. Ours was a love marriage. We knew each other through a dating site. I still remember my first date with him in a coffee shop.  He behaved like a perfect gentleman the first time we met, He did not make any indecent proposal neither he tried to flirt with me. We talked about each other’s future plans. Career and even marriage. I was looking for a guy who can be my future husband and I found all the qualities of a perfect husband in him. I was also impressed by his tall stature; he was muscular and looked like perfect hunk for me. His physical features really matched or I can say exceeded my expectations. 

I had a past and I revealed everything about it. He also talked about his past. He told me that he had a girlfriend from a long time and they were in a relationship. He wanted to marry her but that girl was not interested in marrying him.

Finally they broke up as he saw no future in their marriage. Immediately after they broke up his girlfriend found a new guy. This really disturbed him a lot as he thought she will come back to him and marry him. It disturbed him so much that he went in depression. Later he went through therapy and put on medication. He revealed that during that time his behavior towards girls completely changed. He felt a deep emptiness and due to that he turned deviant. He started having casual sex with so many girls, even he hired call girls. 

After hearing all that I was deeply worried and could not decide what to do. I also developed empathy towards him; I assured that everything will be alright. By that time I came to know each other we were already started to see each other.  

I fell in love by that time and still wanted to marry him. He assured me that he will give up his bad side and come out of depression if I marry him. Eventually we got married and I was happy as I loved him and I thought life is all good but one day I checked his mobile I found sexting with few unknown numbers. Those were long chats on phone and somehow he forgot to delete those. I felt bad and confronted the same to him, his response was very casual. He did not even show a sign of guilt. I am worried if he is still in depression. What should I do?


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