YES Bank share Price Analysis?

YES Bank has become no bank and in one year its stock lost 90% of it’s value and left most of its investors in panic.

Today is 22nd of Aug 2019 and YES back reached it’s all time low and it’s share price touched 53.20 Rs, it’s 52 weeks low. Due to news of CG Power and YES Bank’s stake involvement in it, the stock further fell sharp. Recent new about its QIP where YES Bank managed to raise funds by selling shares at 83 Rs must not be a correct price at which YES Bank raised QIP. As per analysts it was 53 Rs but to keep retail investors in dark they published QIP price as 83 with the help of Paid media.Rana Kapoor, Founder YES Bank and Ravneet Gill, MD and CEO could never stopped dumping of this stock from 400 plus to 55 Rs. It's a shame.

Technical Analysis

It is possible that YES Bank will see more down trend and touch 50. But the chances of touching 80 Rs in few weeks or in a month is possible.

For now, stay away from this stock, only invest if it reaches 100 and stays at that range for few weeks.

It may also be possible that YES Bank may shut its operation down the line.

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